Rent the Winklevoss Mansion in L.A for $150.000

    8. July 2015

    It is obviously not always bad to end up in 2nd place.

    The “Facebook progenitors”, Bitcoin investors and former Olympic rower Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss are renting their modern property in Los Angeles.

    The Facebook Chapter

    The twins accused Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg to have stolen from them. A long dispute ended with an agreement out of court and a sum of $ 65 million dollars. It seems that this money was invested and multiplied wisely.

    $ 150,000 dollars rent per month

    The impressive property is located in the Bird Street in Los Angeles – just a few minutes walk from the famous Sunset Strip. It features 5 bedrooms, 9 bathrooms and many other facilities that meet the high demands of young self-made personalities.

    The sensational terrace with sweeping views over Los Angeles, the L-shaped swimming pool and many lounges offer ideal conditions for a suitable and stylish party location.

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