Highland Touring in The Range Rover SVAutobiography

    21. December 2016

    It was a winters day in London, United Kingdom and our friends at Land Rover had just delivered the pinnacle of the Range Rover family. Here is our story with the formidable Range Rover SVAutobiography.

    Just so you realise what we are talking about here, this is the daddy of the Rangers. Under the hood, we have Land Rovers 5.0L V8 Supercharged Petrol Engine with 550HP. This unit makes 680Nm of torque at 3,500rpm and my oh my does it go fast. Once you feel a 2,465kg car go from 0-60 in 5.1 seconds, it’s a marvellous sensation. Everything goes through Land Rover’s Automatic 8-speed ZF Box. The engine produces a lovely low frequency V8 rumble on start up and as you power through the ratios. So what this car does perfectly is along the lines of what we felt with the Sport SVR; Everything! The “Special” in Special Vehicle Operations really shines here because they have made such a full package out of this car. Amazing performance with the highest level of comfort, technology and interior design.

    Moving on to the interior then…

    I have decided to confirm that in my personal opinion, the Range Rover SVAutobiography has the most comfortable seats in the industry. I can say this as I drove the beast well over 1,200 miles and for around 21 hours in complete comfort over the space of 4 days. The cabin is everything you could imagine and more, with incredible attention to detail and beautiful materials. Even in the back, we have “Rear Executive Class Seating” which provides, Reclining, fully adjustable, heated, ventilated and massage seats. Every detail from the custom woodwork to the deep pile carpets and rear seat entertainment just scream luxury. There are ambient lit bottle coolers, refrigeration systems, USB ports, a mind-blowing meridian audio system and enough gizmos to keep you going for ages! Even 21 hours or so.

    Off Road? Absolutely.

    Here is where it gets interesting… The off-road capability of this car is unbelievable and in true Land Rover fashion, we tried, tested and approved the specs on the sheet. We drove through rough woodland, mud ruts, sand and deep waters with zero problems. The car features “Terrain Response 2” which we have tried and tested on multiple vehicles. The electronic air suspension and adaptive dynamics ensure this car really eats up anything you throw at it. I’m pretty sure it would even go through a wall.

    The Adventure

    For this adventure we journeyed over 650 miles north to our final stopping point, a beautiful 16th Century residence, The Castle Of Park, where we enjoyed an amazing weekend of fun and touring. The castle is like a home from home, with amazing locally sourced and prepared food and an incredible atmosphere with true Scottish charm and serenity through all 40 acres of its land. On the road we encountered many beautiful mountain passes, lochs and landscapes, often pausing for walks and to take in the views. The SVA was always on standby with a warm, comfortable cabin and an arsenal of utilities to suit our every need. This is a car with a sense of protection, comfort and emotion. It delivers on every aspect of it’s purpose. After spending some time with the Range Rover SVAutobiography, I would rate it among the best available cars not only in its segment, but generally. Starting at £148,900 you certainly pay for the best, but you would not be disappointed. More information over at Land Rover

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