Lush Life – The Range Rover Sport Autobiography

    12. March 2016

    Let me start by saying this. There are not many other places out of your own home you would be so comfortable. The cabin of a Range Rover has never failed businessmen, executives of all industries, high profile athletes, musicians and of course anyone who has ever owned one since the launch in 1970, but why is that? Let me tell you.

    Welcome to the Range Rover Sport Autobiography, in this case the 3.0L SDV6 Diesel, which as the smaller engine in the range, truly serves a purpose delivering a combined fuel economy of 40 MPG, which for a car this size is amazing. We actually feel this is the pick of the bunch for the buyer in terms of the 3 models to choose from but the SVR is a little more fun to drive, (stay tuned for our article)

    The 2.1 tonne metal house on wheels sprints to 60mph in 6.8 seconds, which means you have all of the highway and overtaking facility you require for those long cross country cruises, but this car is equally awesome off-road. Obstacle clearance is a whopping 278mm and adjustable with the built in air-suspension so when you are faced with the most challenging terrain you hardly feel the bumps thanks to the intelligent adaptive dynamics. Steering is beautifully light and sharp and the ride is simply magnificent. The car is agile and weightless as you corner and we also LOVE YOU adaptive cruise control, which is built in and works beautifully.

    The exterior styling and lines of the car are now so much more powerful, sleek and balanced compared to the more “square” previous shape and this ensures it stands out on the road. Twin pipes at the rear, aggressive body kit, signature running lights all sitting on beautiful 21” wheels with their diamond turned finish. Obviously! 

    Moving on to the interior, you are greeted by plush leather seats, both heated and ventilated. Front and rear dual zone climate control, panoramic roof, ambient lighting, and amazing sound from the Meridian system. The infotainment system is great but could do with a few more pixels to match those of some of the competitors. Maps and navigation are a breeze to use and we love the Dual-View touchscreen, which shows the passenger one image and the driver another. Audio for the passenger is simply a luxury pair of headphones tucked away in the glove box, which really make for a nice relaxing drive.

    The big deal about Range Rover for us is that for every destination we arrive to, we always feel invigorated when we step out. We took the car to our friend Julian Macdonald‘s fashion show in Central London, and after the busy city traffic we simply parked up and strolled in. The note to make here is that it blocks out the busyness and noise, stress and typical city issues most drivers get, which helps the passengers actually “travel”.

    We finally took the car on a lengthy cruise around the beautiful county of Kent, The “Garden of England” and got stuck in some beautiful woodland and countryside towns to really put the car through its paces. Here is where we discovered the amazing off road capabilities and for each challenging curve, decent, accent or obstacle, the car had an answer. We conclude that the Range Sport should be a solid choice for those looking to travel in absolute comfort across all terrain in any weather (starting at £77,850). It’s superb in every way. More information over at LandRover

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