F-Type Life With the V6S All Wheel Drive

    18. April 2016

    It was a warm day in spring, a gentle breeze floating about the air as the smell of flowers and grass and birds and, wait a second. Lets cut that all out and get right to it. The phone rings… It’s a driver from Jaguar mentioning he’s outside in the F-Type V6S and he’s looking for mr.goodlife.

    We love sports cars here and we get happy just thinking about them so when I went down to greet the driver, I was charmed to see this beautiful Ammonite Grey F-Type staring back at me. It sits low and pretty with muscular, yet smooth and subtle styling. The tyres are black as dark and clung tightly to the 19″ Volution Black and Diamond Turned alloy wheels. The rear of the car as I approach is mean and the exhaust note just burbles as the driver shuts off the car and hands over the keys. I didn’t think about breakfast that morning. It was time to drive.

    When you start the car with the convenient start/stop button, that supercharged V6 springs to life creating a sharp and loud exhaust note which is exciting. Being an automatic vehicle, the rest is pretty simple. As you put the car into drive and hit the accelerator you are immersed in what we like to call, “F-Type Life“.

    Firstly, it’s a car that feels different because of its shape and size. Its nimble, accurate and precise in the way it corners and it most certainly does a good job of most road handling situations. The car is extremely well balanced and the engine feels like it’s the perfect size for the car. The natural oversteer you get when you push it out of place is addictive and it’s a very playful car indeed when you are feathering the throttle through fast, slippery corners and utilising the Super Performance Braking System in those short technicals. It’s not as scary as some of the bigger engined cars because you aren’t scared to push it. This car wants you to enjoy what it has to offer. Being an AWD model it also boasts very stable launches and great torque distribution throughout the chassis. Normal stuff here from the engineers at Jaguar. Remember the F-Type is currently the oldest car in the range minus the F-Pace (which we will be playing with soon I’m told). So its been really worked and refined since its launch in 2013.

    With its Quick-shift 8-speed automatic transmission in race mode this car will get you from 0-60mph in 4.9 seconds and the noise that comes with this thrilling acceleration make it all the more exhilarating. With a top speed of 171mph it’s no slouch either.

    The active sports exhaust system that jaguar is known for does truly impress with a beautiful sounding tail end and central twin pipes so you wont be let down anytime you put your foot down!

    The ride can also be smooth and calming for those longer trips with the help of cruise control and the 14-way adjustable seats. Impressive stuff all around that deserves recommendation for sports car lovers. The car has a great mix of all the right ingredients.

    With an impressive amount of equipment as standard the car has some awesome additional gadgets too, including heated seats, the parking pack (with reverse camera), smart key system, heated steering wheel and an 8” touch screen display with navigation. Our go-to accessory for this car however must be the powered tailgate, which makes the car so much more practical. I mean its already a fairly decent sized boot for a car of this size but once you have that all electronic accessibility to the boot its just a cherry on the top (especially when you are taking her shopping).

    In conclusion, we think the V6S is a stunning, thrilling sports car that not only looks the part but sounds it too. We love the styling and compact size of the car which makes it eye-catching, thrilling to drive and makes for a great experience. Tested at £77,424.00 and offering a fuel consumption of 31.7mpg combined, we think Jaguar has made an amazing sports car here. We look forward to driving the more powerful big brothers of this car to really get into what the F-Type is all about so stay tuned. More information on this model over at Jaguar.

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