A Bigger Cat – The Jaguar F-Pace

    19. September 2016

    We recently got our hands on another big cat. The latest car by Jaguar, is a good looker, a punchy performer and crossover first for the UK company. It features an eye catching, rigid chassis and all the gadgets, but did they get it right? Did Jaguar successfully make an SUV? Here is our road test with A Bigger Cat – The Jaguar F-Pace.

    Facts and figures

    That is what we like to start with so without further a do, lets look through some of the key features on the Jaguar F-Pace. This car carries Jaguars 3.0 litre V6, Turbocharged Diesel Engine, which is mounted to an 8-Speed Automatic transmission. The car is permanent All Wheel Drive which ensures good traction and grip on that 0-60 sprint, which is achieved in a surprising 5.8 seconds (6.2 to 100km/h). The In Line 6 throws out a hefty 700Nm of torque, which really packs a low range punch! 300 Horses under the hood and thats all around nice stats for a car this size, but…

    How does she drive?

    The answer to this is quite simple. Like a car. Not a big car, or a car that weighs in at 1,884KG so that quite surprises us. Also impressive are the driving dynamic and handling abilities of the car. Due to the rugged chassis, which is more sporty and tough rather then soft and bouncy this car can really take a turn. You would feel very comfortable entering and exiting a corner just like in a normal sports saloon. It feels characteristic and it definitely packs a whack when you floor it.

    The gearbox and engine work well together and you feel connected to the gears when you drive it manually, which is a nice touch. It’s not the fastest box in the world, but you definitely feel a good level of sharpness and a little jolt on the upshifts which is comforting to the connected driver. Controlling the car is great too, and as a driver you feel confident to push the diesel engine. The feel of the steering really makes your job easy, sometimes enabling you to forget you are in an SUV body.

    Getting on to the SUV bit though… Our spec had some huge 22” (gorgeous looking) wheels on it, and they didn’t effect the ride to well. During general driving and motorway cruising its nothing to complain about, but with these big boys on the car, driving around town or through any bumpy part of London we certainly felt the bumps and potholes. During our earlier test drive with smaller wheels, we also managed some minor off-roading and the car held its self.

    Moving on to the interior…

    Now then, its fairly luscious. Almost like being in a big F-Type. We love the seats, which are sporting yet luxuriously balanced in Windsor leather. Especially our Jet/Red interior options. There is mood lighting and plenty of rear seat space. The boot also has a generous 650 litres for your golf clubs, shopping bags etc’.

    Technology in the car comes in the form of an 8 inch Touchscreen plus a 5 inch instrument panel display with implemented analogue dials. The 380W Meridian sound system (in the Portfolio and S models). Optionally you can have pretty much everything from Jaguars “In Control Touch Pro” to HUD (Heads Up Display) to Meridians Digital 825W Surround Sound System with 17 speakers. Will that do guys?


    With the F-Pace, Jaguar has made a bold statement featuring amazing looks and generous performance. Having driven a few variants of the car we eagerly anticipate an SVO version which will match Jaguars headline breathtaking performance found in the F-Type SVR. With the overall design and creative work that already makes the Jaguar F-Pace a great prospect, we feel like its just the start of this new model.

    More info over at Jaguar.

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