Hot Laps in Spain with The F-Type SVR

    15. June 2016

    We are among the first here in sunny Spain to drive the highly anticipated F-Type SVR. You already know about SVR right? Jaguar and Land Rovers “Special Vehicle Operations”. They are behind the monstrous Range Rover Sport SVR that we recently took for a ride. Among the SVR team are some of the brightest minds and most capable engineers in the industry. Therefore, what they do is to the highest grade, taking already fantastic vehicles to even higher levels.

    SVO set out to make a lighter, faster and more powerful vehicle and with that in mind let me run you through some of the key figures here. The coupé makes light work of the 0-60 sprint in 3.5 seconds with a top speed of 200mph. The car carries a supercharged 5.0-litre V8, making 575PS and producing 700Nm of torque. On top of the already solid V8 F-Type R the new SVR features an aerodynamic overhaul along with lighter parts and a new carbon fibre wing at the rear making an even more aggressive and track ready car. However, the Jaguar traits are all present as this SVR is more then useable as a day to day car. Comfort, stability and practicality are included as standard and you will feel that work has been done to make this drivable every day.

    The event of really driving this thing is one to enjoy. The exhilarating SVR exhaust note and powerful acceleration ensure the driver is rewarded with each gear shift and corner. The technicalities of the engineering go much deeper but the end result is just a better car. It is really something “Special”. The intelligent AWD system and quick-shift transmission push the car around with great ease and make you feel so connected to the chassis whilst still keeping the balance of the car and the weight distribution fair.

    The interior is also a little step up from the R and features plush 14-way SVR branded Performance seats.  The new infotainment system from Jaguar is built in too, with its responsive touch screen set up and handy InControl app for IOS users which lets you adjust climate, check mileage and also lets you switch the car on/off. Nice Touch. 

    During the road test, we were fortunate to drive some amazing roads in great climate. Dry and sunny skies helped us get the most out of the incredible handling the car offers and once we found ourselves comfortable they let us go wild on a race circuit. This is where everything was amplified to a new height. When we fully were able to exploit the raw animosity and power this car has to offer we found that its ability to drive comfortably and calmly on the road and its incredible track capability really marry well. Its just like the Range Sport SVR – Amazing on AND off road. They did a similar thing with this SVR. It shines both on the road AND on the track. This car is in Porsche 911 Turbo territory, as well as competing with Aston’s V12 Vantage (both a 20k or so more expensive) and the Mercedes AMG GT.

    With a price tag of £110.00 you spend quite a bit but you smile quite a lot.

    More info right here – Jaguar F-Type SVR

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