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    Life With The Fastest SUV. The Bentley Bentayga

    3. April 2017

    The British super brand makes cars we all know and love for being sporting, luxurious and unique. Step in to the new Bentayga SUV from Bentley.

    The Bentayga, created in Crewe but based on the Audi Q7’s DNA, is a far superior performer against many cars in its sector. Firstly it is now dubbed the fastest SUV on the market and is capable of reaching an incredible 187mph top speed. It gets to 60mph in a brisk 4 seconds (but feels faster) and it’s newly designed 6.0 Litre W12 engine puts out a mean 600bhp which certainly gets the job done. The car weighs just over 2,400kg and you feel the whole of 900nm of torque move the metal from as low as 1350rpm. Impressed?

    Step Inside

    Once you sit inside and gently close your soft touch doors, the double glazed glass combined with the heavy doors and vast amount of quality interior materials simply shut off the world around you. You are all of a sudden cocooned in serenity. There is a high ride height and a smooth one at that with minimal body roll. When you step inside you will notice an incredible amount of leather, which as you can see from our Factory Tour Article, is checked through and through for defects. You have beautiful wood work around the dash and even deep pile carpets to keep your feet warm. Many would agree when we say that Bentley interiors are among the best in the business and in the Bentayga there is no difference.

    Exterior Looks

    With enough exterior styling to actually stand out, the Bentley Bentayga looks surprisingly better in person then it does on photos. The large signature grille and headlights stand out from afar and the 22” directional wheels look incredible, giving the car a stance of power and prestige. The car features Bentley’s “powerline” which is to me what gives any Bentley that special muscular look. It is also the first line the designer draws whenever conceiving a new vehicle.

    Drive Time

    Each moment, as a driver, I instantly think to myself – “yeah, they’ve done it”. The W12 purrs delightfully as you embrace the throttle pedal with your right foot and shift up through the eight-speed ZF gearbox. It’s a brilliant thing when you have a car with unlimited space and comfort. You could take your friends for a light lunch and converse in total relaxation, arriving invigorated to your destination. Alternatively, you could, if you choose to beat almost 99% of cars off the line and fly over most harsh terrain with ease. I love cars like this that really do it all, but this car does it all and does it well.


    Bentley have created a car that has staggering performance numbers and backs it up with incredible on and off-road handling. Not only that but it’s every bit as luxurious as one would expect from the British. The new multimedia system is brilliant, the seating comfortable and the design unquestionable, but it’s the new engine that will put a smile on your face time and time again. We would rate this as one of the most complete luxury SUV packages out there among the Cayenne Turbo S and the Range Rover SVA. More information can be found via @Bentley

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