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    Take a Look at Paul Walker’s Car Collection

    14. December 2013

    Although the video was released about a year ago, the car magazine The Smoking Tire has revealed that the owners of the “Amazing Car Collection at AE Performance” were none other than Paul Walker and Roger Rodas. The magazine now added the following note to the description of the video:

    Though we originally respected their privacy when they asked not to say who owned the cars, as we filmed this over a year ago, it makes no sense now not to say the cars all belonged to Paul Walker and Roger Rodas, two good friends of The Smoking Tire who tragically lost their lives on 11/30/13, and the world is officially a worse off place without them. Paul and Roger will be dearly missed by everyone who ever got to see their smiles, exchange words, or spend time with them at the track. RIP Roger and Paul.

    The video shows an amazing range of vehicles, such as a few Mustang Saleen and a few other very rare German and Japanese unqiue supercars.

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