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    A well rounded performance sedan: The Mighty Audi S8 Plus

    12. May 2017

    Audi has a few monster performance cars in the range, but there is one that might be quite surprising to you when you start it up and hit the throttle. It’s the S8 Plus.

    Featuring a gorgeously smooth Twin Turbo 4.0 litre V8 and hosting 605hp @ 6800 rpm, this car will sprint from 0-60 in 3.6 seconds. The car is Electronically limited to 155mph, but with the Dynamic Package you can get 190mph out of it. Autobahn Annihilation. With 750Nm of max torque and a 2125kb kerb weight, you feel every ounce of power propel you off the line with astounding effect.

    What It Feels Like

    Well, when you do actually let go of all fear and floor it, the first thing you think is “why” and “how is this car going so fast!” There is such a rapid surge of torque that it almost makes your stomach turn as it climbs up the rev range. The way the power is delivered to the ground is also phenomenal. It is done so in a very smooth, elegant manner but still, when you glance at the dash, you realise you are doing way above legal numbers in less then a blink of an eye. This also applies to driving at higher speeds. The car is very well suited to the autobahn and was clearly built with that in mind. There is continuous power delivery from the twin turbo V8 and the speed keeps climbing should you wish it to.

    In regard to road handling, the car is more then capable of being thrown into some fast corners and it will act accordingly thanks to Quattro. The car stays firm and planted, especially in dynamic mode, which nicely stiffens up the suspension and weights up the steering. I would just keep the car in Dynamic if I was you. It just suits the complete package more and feels best to drive there.

    Step Inside

    This part is awesome. Take a seat in one of the most solid, well rounded car interiors out there. Supple Valcona Leather seats and tech galore will await you as well as unlimited infotainment and connectivity options. The car features rear and side sunshades to enhance the passenger experience and block out unwanted light. Dual-pane acoustic treated windows keep the noise out and the Three-spoke sports steering wheel lets you control almost everything of importance, including the gearbud with built in paddle shift leavers. The car also has a BOSE Surround audio system (optional), which really works well for the large interior space and there is ambient lighting, top and corner view camera systems, alcantara headliner, the list goes on!


    The Audi S8 Plus is an amazingly well rounded performance sedan, it offers class, good looks, comfort and speed. The fact that all of these things have been so well engineered and work together seamlessly really shows you the level of expertise that has gone in to making such a car. It’s like the stealth bomber from the range. If you are next to one at the lights, please don’t try it. More information at Audi

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