The Private Ferrari Collection of Phil Bachman

    6. September 2014

    This man must love Ferraris. Living in Tennessee Phil Bachman is one of the most passionate Ferrari fans worldwide. At the wherewithal it does not seem to be missing him.

    Phil Bachman’s love for the Italian sports car brand began in the year 1984 with a Ferrari 308 GTS Quattrovalvole. The diverstiy of Ferraris in Bachman‚Äôs garage is not the only factor to impress, additionally Phil seeks out the last model to leave the Ferrari factory in any given production run. His collection is mainly dominated by yellow Ferraris, which is actually unusual for the well known red Ferrari. His Collection include models like a 1967 275 GTB / 4, a 1975 365 GT4 BB, and a 2003 Enzo.

    What assets were invested is not known. It is only known that love has no price.

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