The “Jellyfish House” in Marbella

    2. December 2015

    This cottage with a private pool on the roof is just amazing. It is located at the Costa del Sol in Marbella, Spain and was designed by the dutch architects Wiel Arets.

    The exclusive villa is named “Jellyfish House” and differs from the objects in the neighborhood, which are mostly influenced by the Andalusian architectural style.

    The “Jellyfish House” is dominated by glass and solid concrete and has a living area of 650m², which extends over two levels. An outstanding feature of the property is the roof with a rooftop terrace, priceless panoramic views and a swimming pool with a glass floor. A panoramic window on the side of the pool allows diving with a look into the living room. Below the pool is a shaded terrace, from which the swimmer can be observed as in the aquarium.

    Architects: Wiel Arets Architects, Maastricht/Amsterdam
    Los Monteros, Marbella, Spanien
    Photos: Jan Bitter

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