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    Getting Away With Reset Retreats

    11. May 2018

    We recently got a call from our London based friends at Reset Retreats, who mentioned they were holding a fitness retreat out in Spain, Location: Malaga.

    We headed out on an evening flight to Malaga and took a car about one hour towards Grenada to a beautiful villa overlooking the Andalusian horizon.


    With “resetting body, mind and soul” the key plan of this trip we were pleasured to find we would be taking part in a mix of aerobic and cardiovascular training. That plus healthy eating and nutrition with yoga also thrown into the mix! It’s a genius concept and to be fair, with a busy lifestyle full of traveling, eating, drinking and not much routine, this was the perfect answer to getting back on track.


    So heres how it worked. We were based in a beautiful villa as I mentioned. The residence was expertly selected to accommodate our daily regime and came complete with indoor and outdoor gym/fitness areas. The property had an indoor pool and an outdoor pool, a sauna, games room, a cinema and a huge living space. There was of course an elevator for helping with Leg Day. The beautiful modern design and living quarters were perfect in the sense that they were very social, comfortable and luxurious.

    Our basic day with the Reset team would start with a morning run at 0645 followed by yoga at 0730. Chef Ty, who had come in from Ireland was around to make sure food and nutrition was on point and we were greeted with fresh juice upon arrival back to the villa. The run would consist of a stretching warmup followed by a light jog, developing into more intense stretching and shuttle sprints out in the beautiful Spanish settings. This was all before sunrise! Have you got what it takes?

    We would then have some time to relax, explore the country side, hit the sauna, pools or watch a movie in the cinema before PT sessions. These were done often one-to-one or in groups of two, with special personalised training programs. Marian, the fitness coach and personal trainer was incredible at pinpointing weaknesses and assessing the body. He had tremendous knowledge of muscle structure, deep tissue, joints and technical exercise.

    Pause For Lunch

    The necessary intermission here at 1330 was lunch. Chef Ty cooked up some lean meals, dressed effortlessly with vegetables and good carbs, which all tasted amazing.

    My workout started at 1600 hours. I did a session on core strength and upper body training. Marian brilliantly focused on my chest flexibility and targeted my core muscles during the workout in circuit style. He taught me some epic stretches that helped to maintain good core structure and also helped align my posture and aesthetic when training. I mean I hit the gym once in a while but having a PT is really the best for those desired results. I learned the triangle of Core Strength, Flexibility  and Muscle Growth. If one is suffering the others can’t improve. Thanks Marian! 

    Following the workouts, we would head towards the kitchen for a quick protein shake from chef and out to the pool to socialise and relax with the team. Here is where the Reset Retreats group got to bond everyday and share experiences and knowledge based around health, good living, food and supplementation. Both Micheal and Dean from the team were really clued up on fitness and nutrition. Great positive chats about maintaining the lifestyle we live and many things to take away and bear in mind on my travels. All under the Spanish sunshine.

    More Nutrition

    Towards 1900 hours we had Dinner. Chef cooked many amazing meals on the trip, but one I will remember was an outdoor barbecue on the terrace with a gorgeous mix of proteins and great tasting sides. We had prawn and mango salad, we had marinated chicken with brown rice, we even had grilled fish on the table. It was epic to say the least! Thanks Chef!

    The final part of the day would be evening yoga at 2130 and this was done with Lizzie in the yoga studio upstairs by candlelight. The restorative stretches and soothing voice helped the whole group to unwind, stretch out and send out good energy. Yoga is something i’m really suggesting everyone tries, because I hadn’t done it much until this trip. I’ve found that the yoga really helps clear the mind, focus, absorb and relieve pressure. It was the perfect way to end each day!

    Wrapping Things Up

    The trip concluded with a relaxing night of healthy juices and music. We actually all felt reset. Inside and out. The perfect mix of good exercise, nutrition and yoga ensured we were ready to get back into the real world. Learning the body, focusing on clearing the mind and training our weakest parts is something we should all do everyday! I would like to thank the team at Reset Retreats for introducing us to their retreats and I’ve learned so much from attending. See you at the next one!

    More information at Reset Retreats

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