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    All ‘Eyes On Gigi’ for the new BMW M2 Coupé

    19. April 2016

    “Eyes on Gigi” is BMW’s latest and very first “digital-first” campaign featuring the new first-ever BMW M2 Coupé and American supermodel Gigi Hadid, who is appearing in front of the camera for an automobile brand for the first time.

    For the new campaign BMW teamed up with Marc Foster, who directed movies like “James Bond – Quantom of Solace”, “Monster’s Ball” and “World War Z”, and Oscar-winning cameraman Mauro Fiore (“Avatar” and “The Equalizer”) to shoot the one-of-a-kind shell game in California’s Mojave Desert.

    After seeing Gigi climbing into one of three parked BMW M2 Coupés a fast-paced vehicle choreography begins after which you have to try to identify which car she is in. The 360-degree video was filmed in one shot and makes it virtually impossible to guess right and the first time.

    Try to find Gigi yourself here: EyesOnGigi.com

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