• Make Every Morning a Good Morning

    Make Every Morning a Good Morning

    25. September 2014

    The right start in the morning often determines the course of your whole day. Unfortunately, for many it is difficult to find the required energy and motivation for the day early in the morning. These 4 tips should help.

    1. Place your alarm at the other end of the room. Force yourself to get out of bed.

    2. Ensure a lot of light in the morning and avoid it at night. Avoid unnecessary light sources such as TV or iPad at night and enlighten your room in the morning.

    3. Start your day with a refreshing shower and a rich breakfast. That supplies your body and soul with refreshment and the right energy.

    4. Find your passion. Do you remember what it was like as a child to wake up on Saturday morning in order to jump out of bed and watch cartoons Discover your passion in projects and new challenges once again. Set yourself goals for the day and be happy about every reached stage.

    Credits: Eric Schiffer / Success.com

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