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    Cali To Vegas In The Bentley GTV8s Convertible

    25. July 2017

    Here at mr.goodlife, we like to take our road trips seriously, and one warm Californian Friday, we jumped in to our Convertible Silver Tempest Bentley Continental GTV8s and hit the road.

    Vegas. What can we say? Known as the city of lights, where fun collides with crazy city nights out, its no surprise that the place never sleeps. Why Vegas? Well. We wanted to see what the fuss was all about! Lets hit the road.

    The Car

    Lets look at what we are driving first. We have the Bentley Continental GTV8s Convertible, which carries a 4 litre, twin-turbocharged V8 engine and puts out 520hp. 60mph can be hit in 4.3 seconds and the car also lets you feel the drama with a max torque of 680nm. Take those figures and then add a sports exhaust system (optional) and drop the top. You are now officially in the realm of pinnacle open top motoring.

    The Road

    The journey to Vegas is around 4-5 hours from Los Angeles. To be fair there are a few interesting stopping points, but thanks to leaving on a Friday, we got into a few traffic situations, where our horses couldn’t gallop. Therefore, we had to stay on the gas when it cleared up to arrive on time for dinner. You cross some gorgeous open roads and with the Californian desert all around you and the sun shining strong; Spirits were high. Take special notice of the exhaust note here in the GTV8s with the optional exhaust. I like it so much, I would suggest you don’t purchase this car without the optional sports exhaust. You will smile more. The weather was stunning, so we kept the top open for the whole duration of the trip. With the windows up, insulation is good and you can warm things up at any time with the climate control, air scarf and heated seats. By adding the weather specification, you can even have the steering wheel heated.

    Hi, Las Vegas!

    Arriving into Vegas is surreal. You are just driving through the desert and all of a sudden a bunch of really big buildings pop up from nowhere. Firstly you see the Golden MGM Mandalay Bay resort and the Delano (where we actually stayed for the trip). As you progress further, the city skyline shows itself clearer and you see the true scale of Vegas. Its basically a huge adult playground, with resorts a plenty and unlimited activities to entice each visitor that comes into town. Exciting times ahead.

    The huge resorts are like small towns, featuring casinos, spas, shopping, restaurants and pools. The city is buzzing, with the strip full of visitors enjoying the scenery and gambling in some of the hotspots. Everyone turns as the subtle engine note of the GTV8s purrs. The car is a head turner. Simple as that! With mr.goodlife finally in Nevada, we decided to check in to our hotel, The Delano, Las Vegas. We actually featured it in our travel section so take a look right here.

    Heading Out In The City

    With a quick break and a shower, we were back out and what better way to see the city then from the open top luxury of a GTC. We took a chilled ride along the strip and mapped out the spots we wanted to visit before heading to dinner in the Libertine Social @ Mandalay Bay with our friends from MGM Resorts.

    What makes the car perfectly balanced for the city is the ride comfort and seating. There are many cars that are great open top cars and great performance cars, but the Continental GTV8S is both. Effortlessly.

    During a weekender in Vegas, you literally have endless options of spots to eat, drink and be merry. You can take a helicopter tour over the city, adventure out to the Grand Canyon, take a ride in the The High Roller or simply enjoy some of the best casino experiences in the world. We recommend you check it out.

    Thanks to Bentley Motors for letting us hit the city in style! The GTV8S was an absolute pleasure.

    All photos taken on Sony Alpha Cameras

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