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    Drive Time With The New McLaren 570S Spider

    26. July 2017

    It was a summers day in Barcelona, Spain with our friends at McLaren and we were there to drive and experience the latest creation from the minds at MTC in Woking, The McLaren 570S Spider.

    The new 570S Spider is the latest convertible sports car from British manufacturer, McLaren Automotive, who say it’s the “lightest and fastest convertible in its class”. We at mr.goodlife were lucky enough to be invited out to the launch in Spain to drive it on some amazing roads and experience #TheDrive for ourselves.

    Specs First Please

    So this is where we should start, I guess…The 570S Spider carries a twin turbocharged 3.8 litre V8, which is both powerful and agile. The rear wheel drive machine is powered by a dual-clutch 7 speed gearbox which is incredibly quick to manoeuvre up and down. It will do 0-60mph in a brisk 3.2 seconds and with the wind in your hair it certainly feels faster. Hold On! The top speed is 204mph (196mph with the top down). They also throw in a few cup holders.

    What is it like to drive?

    To drive, this car is so very pure at its core, with such attention to the experience of driving itself, I would suggest its a masterpiece. The hydraulic steering is definitely the key highlight to speak about; This system alone creates so much more feedback for the driver and through the wheel you can “feel” information from the road on every turn, surface and bump, which makes the drive so much more engaging and real. Turns me on.

    The mid-rear mounted engine sits just behind the driver, which is both awesome and sensual. The V8 purrs away beautifully and as you start opening up the car and driving more dynamically you will get rather precise sounding “pops and crackles”. The relationship between car and driver begin to develop rather quickly. It’s love at first drive.

    You are cocooned in McLaren’s carbon fibre tub and sit low to the ground with a perfect driving position. The grip on cornering is sensational, and for a RWD car, they have really worked on getting the power down to the ground. Everything feels natural and the cars playful yet rigid chassis continually suggests for you to push that little bit more.

    You are also able to configure the cars chassis and powertrain via the centre “Active” dynamics button. Choose between Normal, Sport and Track to set up the car just how you want it. This system works incredibly well and you really notice a difference in the modes when you apply the Active button. For example, the difference between the chassis in Normal and Track is night and day. The car will stay incredibly flat and rigid through technical corners in track, whereas in “Normal” you feel a little more body roll and fluidity to the cars character.

    McLaren explains, “the 570S Spider is a convertible without compromise” and we agree completely, with only an additional 46kg for the new roof mechanism and virtually the same performance statistics as the coupe, it’s a win-win situation. The car is still lighter than most of its competitors and you feel that in every twist and turn on the road. Just another thing to mention, but the top will open or close in 15 seconds up to speeds of 25mph, so do me a favour and get some wind in your hair.

    Step Inside My Office

    When you lift the Dihedral Doors and enter the cabin, you are greeted by beautiful leather and alcantara work. The centre console is minimal yet practical and you feel as though it has been built around you. The optional Bowers & Wilkins Audio System is a must; With 2 subs, 5 mid-range speakers and 5 tweeters you are getting over 1000w of crystal clear audio AND the screaming V8. What more could you want except a Spotify account? 

    Wrapping Things Up

    The McLaren 570S Spider offers one of the most organic driving experiences you can get and starting at around £165,000 you can own one. Ideally you would spec a 570S Spider to around £200,000 to have some of the options like Bespoke Paintwork, MSO Customised Parts, Sports Exhaust, Security and Luxury Packages etc.

    When I think of the drive we experienced with the car, and the capabilities of the 570S Spider as a complete car package, its almost like I don’t care about the price. It’s the feeling that comes with driving the car and the speciality of driving a McLaren.

    If you are considering a new sports car, what you do get with the 570S Spider is an absolutely pleasurable, connected and immersive driving experience… so in short. I would go for it! More info @ McLaren

    All photos in this article are taken with Sony Alpha Cameras.

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