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    Launch Into Hyperspace With The Tesla P100D

    16. August 2017

    After spending many a glorious drive on Autopilot and using features like “Summon” and “Supercharging” it  was now time to see what the fastest production car in the Tesla world feels like to drive. The P100D

    We recently got handed a set of keys to the big daddy from the Tesla range. The Tesla P100D is one of the fastest cars available right now, and we learned very quickly that with all electric power and a whopping 931Nm of torque from zero, this is an absolute rocket to drive. It will hit a top speed electronically (of course) limited to 155mph.

    The car was originally rated at 2.5 seconds to 60mph but with a recent performance update via software and Ludicrous Plus mode engaged, the P100D can actually get to 60mph in closer to 2.4 seconds. It’s the closest feeling to when we used to watch star-wars and the spaceships used to go into hyperspace. In fact, when you place the car into Ludicrous Plus mode, you might see a little something similar to that very feeling on the central display. Simply hold down for a few seconds on the Ludicrous Mode button (with the latest software update on your P100D), and you are able to place the car into Ludicrous Plus mode.

    You literally feel your internal organs moving around as you punch the throttle. Mind-blowing Acceleration 

    Give Me The Gadgets

    It’s not just about speed. The Tesla P100D has 5 comfortable seats, amazing connectivity via its internal cellular connection and a variety of tech under its shell. Some of the features you are already aware about, such as Autopilot are built in and this works better in Tesla then in any other car I’ve driven so far. The fact that this car has better hazard perception then most drivers on the road is incredible and within the first few hours of driving any Tesla you really get this impression quickly. The car features Teslas signature 17″ capacitive touchscreen offering everything from powerful maps to an internet browser and full controls for the car right at your fingertips. Phone connectivity is lightning fast and the Dolby Digital Surround system sounds awesome in the cabin. Supercharging is also worth a mention, and as you know from most of our road tests, it makes charging the Tesla fast and effortless. With more and more Superchargers popping up all over the system, Tesla is really on track to make an electric future for motoring.

    Electric Va Va Voom

    All electric driving means no engine, no engine means no gears and no gear means seamless, linear power delivery all the way through. If you imagine any electric device with a variable power delivery, for example a power tool, like a drill. The Tesla P100D operates the same way. You have a pedal, the harder you push it the faster you go. Simple. There aren’t any jolts or lag on the acceleration. You just get super smooth linear power. The huge battery pack also sits on the floor of the car, which creates a low centre of gravity and a solid base for the vehicle. This basically improves handling to intense levels. Cornering is astonishing for a car this size and with all of that electric power, accelerating out of a corner is blistering! Hence, the phrase, “Electric Va Va Voom”. This is a luxury sports sedan after all.

    The Fast Life

    Tesla have basically built a high performance car, capable of beating super sports cars off the line and carrying a family simultaneously. There is ample trunk space both in the front and back, which means practicality. Charging is a breeze, and driving it couldn’t be easier with its minimal, ergonomic design. I don’t see even one reason you would not want to have this car. I feel as though it suits people in busy lifestyles, too. Some good examples of this are recent, where i’ve had city meetings and places to be one after the other. During a trip to London, I was pleasantly satisfied to find an array of superchargers placed around the city, so that was perfect. Also, when using the assistive cruise control in traffic, you save energy, because it gives the driver time to think and actually keep that time for him/herself.

    Remember this; When time is gone, its gone. The Tesla is not there to drive completely for you, but it really takes a lot of the work off your shoulders during driving activities. You gain a relationship with it. A trust in its abilities. That is what a good car should give you! More information on the P100D over @ Tesla.

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