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    Pass The Control: The Tesla Model S

    22. March 2016

    Allow us to introduce you to the Tesla Model S – Incredible, Efficient Power

    In this case we were set up with a brand new P90D from our friends at Tesla and boy did we have some fun. After spending an hour or so with an expert we were showed around the car and all of its controls, including the internal technology. Learning how to initiate the Autopilot Convenience Features was a breeze and you quickly become accustomed to driving this intelligent car.

    P90DP for Performance. 90 for the 90 kilowatts of power in the incredible battery pack that lines the floor of the car and provides a low centre of gravity. D is for Dual. Dual motors in the front and rear of the car that power its unique chassis to 60mph in less then 3 seconds. 2.8 (in ludicrous mode) to be precise and holy hell it feels quick too. All electric acceleration is something that blows your mind when you try it for the first time and continues to do so. Imagine something that goes off the line as fast as an Audi R8 and handles just as well as most similarly priced cars but doesn’t cost a penny to “fill up”. Thats because there isn’t a fuel tank!

    We decided to take the car out on a spontaneous trip and test out the whole “Tesla Mentality”. We were shown that we had around 200 miles on the battery and if we drove responsibly it would last. We didn’t drive “that” responsibly but were so impressed at the length of drive we got from the car. What were equally impressive were the Supercharging systems, conveniently located around the city. We found that in central London we had a nice spot in the Canary Warf to juice up the car whilst we had a coffee. Another note is that the charging process is actually completed in rapid timing when using the Supercharger system. You can juice up around 20 miles in 10 minutes in a “late for the meeting” situation.

    Tesla builds these cars to look great too, you can distinguish it from the rest of the cars on the road by its bold muscular sculpting, defined wheels and body styling. We particularly like the interior for its simple layout and the idea of, “let’s just throw a huge touch screen in this car”. It really works! Here you can control the sunroof, climate control, audio, navigation, electronics, economy and driving modes. If you want to take it a step further you can download the official app and actually warm up or cool down the car remotely, as well as check the charge of the battery and remaining mileage, which makes it very easy to decide whether another chocolate chip muffin is a good idea or not.

    In conclusion we would recommend all of our friends to at least try driving one of these cars. If the experience of simply driving an electronic car with “super” capability is enough for you then the rest of the amazing features and future embrace this car brings are a bonus. The future is truly looking electric. We love it. More information to be found over at Tesla.

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