Grand Touring Excellence. The Bentley Continental GT Speed

    18. January 2016

    Extreme Performance Meets Ultimate Luxury

    “The perfect car” so they say. Bentley as a brand and as a car represent performance, luxury and sophistication in all aspects. Take a look at the styling of the Continental. The delicately crafted lines that splendour with subtlety but loudness, beauty but monstrosity all the same. It’s a known choice for some of the most A-List personalities on the planet. Does it live up to the hype? We think so!

    Our good friends at Bentley in Crewe shipped us over their fastest production car to play with, the Continental GT Speed, which arrived to our office on a transporter one cold morning in London. On we turned the engine and the W12 power plant roared to life, expelling a sound similar to thunder crafted by Zeus himself. The deep engine notes echo from the buildings around with a true stance of power and the car purrs deeply as you feather the throttle pedal. Here we go.

    Without further ado we were on the road towards an unknown destination. Driving a Bentley turns heads, let us just make that clear. The GT Speed looks stunning from all angles and the newly designed 21” Wheels really set it off. The lower ride height also is a nice touch on the Speed and this car has really notable comfort in all suspension modes. Throwing the gear stick into “S” will reveal the dynamic side to driving a GT Speed and we recommend this to really understand the marvel behind making 2320KG of car move like it does. Thrilling. Before you know it you have reached some dangerously high speed that is likely against the law and you should slow down immediately. That is until you arrive to the race track, where you will find the GT Speed is perfectly at home! Stay tuned for some track days with our friends at Bentley.

    The beautiful Beluga hide interior consoles you in opulence, arriving invigorated every time and we found the adjustable seats extremely comfortable with their added lumbar support. What more can we say? It’s a big luxury cruising machine after all right? Yes, but the performance is another story! This car boasts a 626bhp 6 Litre engine with 820Nm of torque. Some pretty intense figures which equate to a top speed of 206 mph and a 0-60 time of 4 seconds flat.

    Known as one of the best grand tourers in the world the continental offers stature, luxury, comfort and bliss for the driver and passengers, although your pockets will be sorry. It comes in at a base price of £168,300 Our vehicle was specified to a cool £206,000, and some of the added extras were the Carbon Ceramic Brakes with red callipers, £10,825 (which we have to say are amazing) Hand Crossed stitching in Fireglow, £2,815 and the “Naim” premium audio system, £5,695. All we are saying is this. It’s a Bentley right? You want the best? You pay for it! More info on this beauty can be found @ Bentley Motors.

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