Hatchback Hottie: Driving the Audi RS3

    7. January 2016

    Best Hot Hatch Ever? Almost!

    We have just got our hands on the fiery RS3 from our good friends at Audi. They thought we might like to play with the highlight of the A3 Range, which boasts the most powerful production five-cylinder in RS history with 270 kW (367 hp) at the drivers disposal along with 465 Nm (343.0 lb-ft) of torque. Did you know it practically houses a slightly older Lamborghini V10 Engine sawed in half which offers a similar sound, character, driving dynamic and feel? Cool right?

    On paper it’s the “second” fastest hot hatch in the world to 60mph but we see RS3 in a tie between the updated version of the Mercedes A45 AMG – 4.3 seconds to 60 in the RS3 is only 0.1 sec short of the updated Mercedes-Benz, so we don’t mind. In terms of driving the RS3, it’s a little shy of the pure precision and focus you get from an A45 AMG but its as much fun once you’ve had a play with the ESP off and put it through a few launch control take offs! We are talking about an incredibly capable car here, which for the price of around £41,000 over performs against much more expensive autos.

    The looks are perfectly matched to the characteristics of the car and the driving performance it offers. Aggressive sport back lines with twin RS exhaust tips (which also sound amazing). The new Audi Sport Grille with Honeycomb detailing and of course the Quattro logo, which instantly identifies this as a top tier Audi vehicle also compliment the 19” alloy wheels on low profile tyres that finish the car with an overall sporty look.

    The interior is generally “Audi-fied” and you are greeted by the usual display that pops out and the centre console with its RS stick and system buttons to play with. The technology and standard equipment wont overwhelm you but the drive will. In conclusion this toy gives you exactly what you want and that is a massive smile on your face as you enjoy the engine characteristic and the incredible exhaust note of this insanely hot hatch.

    Head over to Audi for more info.

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