Jon Olsson’s 2014 Audi RS6

    2. January 2014

    Professional freeskier and alpine ski racer Jon Olsson, who is known for having a preference for customized supercars recently announced that the new Audi RS6 will be his 2014 winter car.
    After his Lamborghini Gallardo with a additional skibox on top and a specially designed PPI Design R8 Razor GTR the Audi RS6 basic version convinced him already. “I have never jumped into a stock car and have it blow my mind, this truly is the most impressive car I have ever driven, the only car that came close to impress me as much was the Agera R, so I think that says a lot! ;-)”.
    Besides lowering the car with a new suspension by H&R a Milltek exhaust system will be the first modification on Jon’s new RS6 Avant to sweeten the sound. It comes wrapped in grey, black and white camouflage.

    Source: Jon Olsson
    Photography: Oskar Bakke

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