A Baby R8: Launching The New Audi TTRS

    14. November 2016

    On a fresh, winters day in beautiful Oxfordshire, an array of brand new Audi TTRS coupé and convertibles awaited our arrival. Before long we were well aquatinted with the new 5 cylinder beast from the company of 4 rings, and we have to say… It’s a baby R8.

    Founded in October 1983, Quattro has delivered us high performance car after car. The new Audi TTRS does not disappoint.

    With a newly trimmed up 2.5 litre 5 Cylinder engine (26kg lighter then predecessor) the car is now capable of a 0-60 sprint in 3.6 seconds. Supercar territory! The pure acceleration matched with 5 cylinder character and sound thanks to the cylinders firing sequence makes a sports car experience worth enjoying some more. You can even drop the top and still make 62mph under 4 seconds. The engine develops 395bhp and 480Nm of torque all going through a double clutch auto gearbox with top speed limited to 155mph. In this class.., These are right around the top marks.

    Driving dynamics are impressive to say the least with amazing cornering capability and slick handling skills. The Quattro all-wheel drive may just be a winner in class here and it definitely gives you confidence as a driver to explore the dynamism of this car. While you may not have as much fun as in a rear wheel drive, you will definitely get around the corner faster. Sure to impress is the sheer amount of grip and traction control on this car, so try the very simple Launch Control system, which gives you the best of those 0-60s. Upshifts are loud and energetic with burbles and pops on the way down the rev range and whilst downshifting too. With the optional sports exhaust system you can intensify that further. The ride comfort can be a bit bumpy when in dynamic, but we found the steering and dampening more then useable for a sports car of this calibre. Add the Audi Magnetic Ride suspension and you get further improved ride comfort. We tried a car with this on and off and have to say it makes a worthy difference.

    Interior fit is sports car worthy with lots of leather, carbon fibre, aluminium and high quality parts with a dash reminiscent of big brother, R8 and siblings from the RS range. High quality audio comes in the usual option of Bang & Olufsen’s stereo and I would personally never by an Audi without it, because it sounds so good! You have the alcantara steering wheel, the heated seats, the Virtual Cockpit and plenty of gizmos to play with on your journey, but we feel the main event is the throttle pedal… You just push your right foot down and you wont help but smile.

    In conclusion to our play around with the new Audi TTRS, I think they have done an amazing job on renewing this car. It has performance associated with much more expensive cars and looks that do their part, too. Its premium, its quick and its affordable too @ £51,800 for the coupe and £53,550 for the roadster. Have a look at some more info on this pocket rocket at Audi.

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