Pure Class – The Bentley Flying Spur W12

    2. November 2016

    I have a proposition for you. Have a seat in the back of my car and relax for a moment? I want to take you somewhere. Just as we begin our drive, here are some of the things I’m sure that will come to mind almost instantly…Style, Luxury, Space, Attention to Detail maybe? It can only be The Bentley Flying Spur W12

    More than a car. When you travel in this calibre of auto on a regular basis you never forget. It doesn’t wear off, it doesn’t lose novelty. You know it is special. You know you stand out and you most certainly feel the attraction gravitating towards the vehicle from all angles.

    The Bentley Flying Spur W12 has always been a favourite. It’s a car that is meticulously crafted and takes over 130 human hours to build. The inside and out consist of some of the most amazing materials available and the car is crafted in the United Kingdom in Crewe. Bentley has made a statement with this vehicle in every way as expected.

    Should we first let you know about the numbers as usual? Right then. We are sitting behind the wheel of a W12 6.0 litre engine, which is uncompromised in power. The motor kicks out 612 BHP. Yes, thats right. The car also pulls and punches with 800Nm of torque at 2000rpm. 0-60 is achieved in 4.3 Seconds and it will get you to 100mph in 9.5 seconds. The statistics are usually this shocking because Bentley are awesome, but considering the kerb weight of 2475kg this is basically a flying house.

    Driving Pleasure

    The self levelling suspension and continuous damping control make one of the smoothest rides on the road and you literally have to be careful on the motorway as you will barely feel the dividing lines between lanes. I told you before, Bentleys don’t drive they glide. With that said the size of the vehicle itself insures absolute comfort. Without being as big as say a Mulsanne, you still get the space, but with that unmistakable mix of performance. This is the magic touch on Bentley cars. Should you wish, you can just pop the gear lever into sport and floor it. Go ahead and brake hard or turn fast, the car will hold itself and correct quite gracefully as you pull away. Meanwhile you are looking like an angry businessman that forgot his Hublot at home and is late to the annual office party.

    Step Into My Office

    Inside you are greeted to purely beautiful leatherwork and hand stitched panels. You have gracefully styled air vents, heated and ventilated seats with Bentley Logo’s also hand stitched in the headrests. You can control the cars seats, climate and infotainment via a wireless control and listen to rear seat entertainment audio through custom Bentley earphones. You even have a frozen glass refrigerator mounted in the back with two gorgeous crystal champagne flutes (£7600). Nothing but the best for Miss. Goodlife. 


    When it comes to luxury and sophistication Bentley always seems to do just right. Its always tasteful and graceful, even when doing 0-60s showing passengers that the champagne doesn’t spill thanks to the purpose made flute holders in the rear arm rests. Quite the car you are in here and your passengers will always agree. The beautiful exterior looks sporty, elegant, modern and classic at the same time with the signature grille unmissable and the running lights beautifully illuminated.The Mulliner driving spec (£13,350) adds your choice of any alloy wheel design, diamond quilted and perforated seat hides and doors, drilled alloy sport foot pedals, jewel fuel and oil filter caps and the famous knurled sports gear lever. This will have your vehicle looking that extra bit more special then usual. We would also recommend the Entertainment Specification which adds Rear Seat Entertainment and the “Naim For Bentley” premium audio system.

    The car we tested is priced at £193,590 and will definitely get you from A to B but ask yourself this… Wouldn’t YOU like to travel from A to B in this kind of style? Yeah… Thats what we thought. More info on the Bentley Flying Spur W12 over at the official website – Bentley.

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