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    Interview with Designer Alexander Laude

    31. March 2016

    Last year we introduced German fashion brand Alexander Laude Germany to you. After a successful year 2015, we met Alexander Laude for an interview.

    We have followed the brand’s success from the very beginning and we noticed that your sneakers were more often sold out than available. How did that come about?
    In order find out how our potential customers like the sneakers, we had to keep the production small. But pretty fast we realized that the concept of selling premium quality at a fair price is well received with the customers. The fact is that if you’re looking for sneakers at a price of 119,- Euro made in Portugal, hand-stitched, using Italian leather, you can keep searching for quite a long time.

    What is the concept behind the brand?
    Our concept is to produce fairly, high-quality and clean sneakers. Fair concerning their production, as well as their price. Working with our manufacturer in Portugal, we are able to achieve exactly that. We get many e-mails on a daily basis from customers, sending in positive feedback on our quality and service. This is particularly important for us and we’re striving to keep it this way in the future.

    What was the biggest hurdle starting your brand?
    To find the right manufacturer. Most of them work for the world’s best designers, so why would they want to work and support a newcomer. We really needed perseverance and a little bit of luck.

    Why sneakers?
    I’m a big sneakers fan myself and have been looking for clean models with small accents for a long time. Most of them either have a clean shoe, like the one from Common Projects or a shoe like the one from Zanotti, which is a little bit too shrill for my taste. I wanted something in-between. Small accents without appearing overloaded, that’s my style: fairly produced at fair prices.

    Ich selber bin ein großer Sneaker-Fan und mir fehlten schon lange cleane Modelle mit Akzenten auf dem Markt. Entweder haben sie einen cleanen Schuh wie beispielsweise der von Common Projects oder einen Schuh wie der von Zanotti, der für meinen Geschmack aber dann doch zu schrill ist. Ich wollte genau die Mitte davon. Kleine Akzente setzen ohne überladen zu sein, das ist mein Style. Und dazu fair produziert und zu fairen Preisen. Das gab es bisher nicht.

    Where do your customers come from?
    We supply customers all across the globe. Most of them come from Germany, USA, South-Africa, UK and France.

    What’s new?
    The absolute top seller are the models Grey Fox & White Sugar. Both of them will be available in spring, for the first time as a low version. A new brown suede hightop with buckle will be available as limited edition as well.

    Visit the shop:


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