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    Luxury on the Island: This is Hawaii’s Most Expensive Penthouse

    14. March 2018
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    The Hawaiian Islands in the Pacific Ocean is a popular holiday destination for many travelers worldwide.

    So it is hardly surprising that tourism is the main economic sector of the state. With fabulous beaches, a year round warm climate and picturesque landscapes, those in search of a holiday home may not have to think long about Hawaii as a suitable sanctuary for them. We’ll show you Hawaii’s most expensive penthouse ever to be sold in Hawaii.

    Waiea Tower

    The 36-story Waiea Tower, as the residential complex currently under construction is called, is located in Ward Village. According to the Wall Street Journal, 90% of the 171 apartments are already sold. The Vancouver-born James K.M. Cheng Architects have teamed up with Rob Iopa and WCIT Architecture to create Honololu’s most luxurious address. The two penthouses on the top floors cost $ 36 million and $ 35 million each.

    Grand Penthouse

    The 1000m² Grand Penthouse has a total of 5 bedrooms, a private elevator and a 120m² terrace with private pool. The 36th floor Grand Penthouse, which costs $ 36 million, is Hawaii’s most expensive penthouse, if it finds a buyer.

    The second penthouse cost a bit less: $ 35 million dollars. Just like every apartment on all floors, the second penthouse offers unparalleled views of the Pacific Ocean and the skyline of Honololu.

    More about Hawaii’s most expensive penthouse: Ward Village

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