The $17 Million Waterfront Home in Brooklyn

    6. February 2015

    With a price tag of $30 million US dollars this impressive mansion was considerd as the most expensive property of the New York’s district of Brooklyn. Interested buyers can now be happy about a reduction of the asking price to $ 17 million dollars.

    The fenced property features 5 bedrooms and 9 bathrooms spread across 1,365 m² of living space and 4 floors. The 92 m² swimming pool, a gazebo for 40 people and a 2,787 m² big garden offer ideal conditions for a wild party.

    The built-in wine cellar in the basement, the garage for up to 4 cars and 2 boat docks are the highlights of the object.

    Even more exciting is the property’s background: Originally, the villa was owned by John Rosatti, a multi-millionaire with strong connections to the Colombian Cartel. He later sold it to the Russian heiress Galina Anisimova in the late 90s.

    The Home is represented by James Cornell and Leslie Marshall of the Corcoran Real Estate Group.

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