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    The BMW M4 Competition Pack Pack’s a Punch

    1. November 2016

    Just recently, our friends at BMW invited us to play with a few of their new toys. Among them was the incredibly potent M4 Competition Pack, which we had been waiting to take for a drive…

    The M4 Competition Pack adds a slight re-shape to the already strong M4, with most of the changes taking place on the suspension and ride handling, It was made to address some of the missing oomph in the original M4 for the hardcore guys. The Car is 1/10th of a second faster, which means 0-60 seconds is achieved in a straight 4.0 seconds. This car is clearly made for those M enthusiasts who want some extra stiffness, a more rugged and rigid chassis feel, which is promising for the track days. That is in some cases great, and some cases not so great. For me it really depends what kind of surface you are on and where you want to drive this car. You have to drive it on track and on road to evaluate for yourselves, but beware when rolling over less then smooth roads! We have quite a few bumpy ones here in the UK and found the tyre noise to be quite high compared to the original car.

    The car keeps the same twin turbo 3.0-litre in line six cylinder, with the top speed remaining limited at 155mph. The Adaptive M suspension has been worked in to improve the handling furthermore and it kind of feels like a standard M4 in Sport Plus mode… all the time. The exhaust note also feels like it’s been tuned to be a little more nastier, adding another dimension to the drive and you are looking at a combined mpg of 34 to the gallon, which is the same as the original. Peak power is now up 19BHP to 444bhp (not absolutely noticeable but acceleration improves) and torque is a more then sufficient 550Nm. Lets be clear here. This car is an absolute beast.

    The M-Car philosophy stays intact because it’s a phenomenal performance car to drive and the dynamic is fantastic. With a punchier and sharper feel to the box and the steering, it feels slightly more athletic but I think for everyday driving you may prefer the standard M4. Does that mean I wouldn’t buy this car? No. This is an awesome car to have and drive. The car also looks really special and can be identified as a special variant of an already beautiful looking car from a mile away. So if you want those extra styling tweaks including the black M4 logo’s, the M4 GTS alloy wheels, blacked out kidney grille and the key to a M4 Competion Pack in your pocket, look no further then here @BMW.

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