Big Cat – The Jaguar F-Pace First Drive

    19. May 2016

    Location, Cowley Manor in the United Kingdom and we are here for the UK Media Launch of Jaguars latest creation.

    It truly has been the “Year Of The Cat” as the sales for this company have skyrocketed and the F-Pace is now crowned the fastest selling Jaguar car to date. Let me tell you why.

    Jaguar calls it “a performance crossover for those who love driving, with unrivalled dynamics and everyday usability

    The hills come alive when you take control. In this case we drove an Italian Racing Red 3.0 litre V6 AWD turbocharged diesel through the beautiful Cotswolds (300PS).

    The car which looks the part from all angles handles just like a road car; like something you would expect to be much lower and smaller. The styling is matched to the stunning F-Type and you notice that on the road thanks to the tail lights, aggressive front grille and sleek aerodynamics. The model we drove is capable of 0-60 in 6.2 seconds, which is not the fastest in the range, however it is the pick of the bunch for general users as it offers premium looks with good overall performance and economy. You must however know that the supercharged V6 petrol variant can do 0-60mph in a staggering 5.1 seconds and we will be driving it soon. Yay! 

    The aim here is “putting even more sport in SUV” and we think they pulled it off. The relation to the feeling of driving the F-Type (one of our favourite cars) is definitely there and as you put this car through some technicals and really push the chassis you feel that relation come to life. There has been some great work on the suspension system, which coupled with Torque Vectoring as standard and the smooth 8-Speed transmission, the driver really gets some great general handling.  The ride is rigid and sporty throughout and you do of course feel the bumps a bit (especially with those 22” wheels) but we feel this is acceptable as its much more of a road car then an off-road car for our liking. No doubt is has great off-road capabilities but it just doesn’t compare to something from the companies close relatives in Landrover if you perhaps want to get stuck on a mountain somewhere. Will there eventually be an SVR version though? That we would love to see!

    Inside you are greeted with Windsor soft-grain leather seats and great infotainment that has now been upgraded to a faster, more intelligent system. It’s a 10.2-inch tablet-style touchscreen which can be customised to the drivers wishes and this makes for great navigation and media control. The car will comfortably seat five for an action packed ride and we believe it is on the way to becoming one of the most popular Jaguar models to date.

    See more on the F-Pace over at Jaguar.

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