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    Four-Wheel Fun in The Audi SQ5

    17. August 2017

    We recently got a set of keys to the all-new SQ5. A performance SUV from Audi. Here’s what we think of the drive.


    With plenty of crossover and performance SUVs on the market, the Audi SQ5 comes in at just the right place. It’s a quality, affordable and powerful car. Boasting a Turbocharged 3.0 Litre V6 engine with 350hp, you are by no means falling behind. It will hit 62mph in 5.4 seconds with a top speed electronically limited to 155mph. There has never been a better time to buy an SUV, and with such a high level of comfort, practicality and space, you may have just met your match. Lets take a ride together and talk about it.


    I have to say, my favourite mode in the Audi SQ5 is likely the same as yours; Dynamic Mode. You will hear the exhaust growl as you overtake and the car just feels playful and agile. Sometimes you forget you are in a 1870kg truck as you are tearing up the road with a big smile on your face. Lets talk about dynamics now, and just as you enter that corner, you will have just enough body roll to enjoy it, but so much stability that you are pleasantly surprised. The ride height is perfect and the suspicion is well, SUV bouncy in comfort mode, so you are basically driving what feels like a huge go-kart. Its fantastic! *Switches back to Dynamic Mode*.


    Moving to the interior, Audi have you covered with full Nappa Leather and heated front seats. You have 4-way electric lumbar support and the awesome multi-function steering wheel, which I have to say Audi always does a great job on. There is LED interior lighting available and a powered tailgate and you know. All that luxury stuff. The Audi SQ5 cabin is a nice place to be. Its pleasant most times and calming to travel in. There is also very little wind and road noise, which leaves a nice space in the spectrum for our throaty V6 engine note and of course the screams of your fun loving passengers, should you wish it.

    There is infotainment galore as usual with Audi and MMI Navigation Plus with MMI Touch is standard. High Beam Assist is also equipped as standard, and a quick little story is that on the way back from the Airport one night, I had a fairly horrible diversion; To my delight, the High Beam Assist really took care of business on the twisty dark roads with oncoming traffic… Useful equipment as standard is a good look. You would have normally had to pay for that!

    More Driving

    Lets go back to driving this thing for a minute more… What I love most is the sensation of having that space, ride height and comfort, yet still having the power and the brute force necessary to performance drive whenever I would like. The Audi SQ5 has a rewarding feel every time you shift manually and turn viciously or brake forcefully. It wants you to push and in return it will show you what its made of. With its Quattro system in place, you would be surprised at how quick you can get this tank around a corner and it’s no surprise that the minds at Audi wanted you to enjoy the drive.


    In conclusion, I feel like the Audi SQ5 is a great all rounder. It will complete any task you throw at it and will do so in a pleasing manner, because it looks, feels and sounds great. It doesn’t have the character of a GLC 43 AMG, or the performance of a Porche Macan GTS, but it does everything it does at a very high level. For that reason I would suggest its one of todays “go to” performance SUVs. So based on that, if you feel like grabbing one, head over to Audi for more info.

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