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    Hautlence’s Labyrinth x Timeless and Useless

    17. March 2016

    Well, not completely useless.

    HAUTLENCE is literally stopping time. With the idea of disconnecting the wearer from the increasingly connected world, “Labyrinth” is the first model from HAUTLENCE’s ‘Playground’ collection available. I remember those labyrinth games from my own childhood very well. They require calmness, concentration, patience and skill. Wearing such a game on your wrist and immersing yourself in the game, will most definitely help you cutting yourself off from the rest of the world. You’ll be able to feed the ball onto the board by activating a mechanical lift, which is visible through the transparent backing.

    Even if it might not tell you the time, Labyrinth is manufactured according to HAUTLENCE’s traditional craftsmanship of watchmaking and using only finest materials.

    “In a world dictated by time, HAUTLENCE has launched the Playground collection, a collection of mechanical games in an attempt to buy stolen time. The collection is due to expand in the future and is guaranteed to surprise you, again and again: nothing less than what you would expect from a collection of never-ending time games.”

    I definitely need one of these.

    More info: HAUTLENCE


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