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    Jon Koon: From Selling Auto Parts to Owning Andy Warhol’s Studio

    21. September 2015

    32-Year-Old Jon Koon earned his first million at the age of 16 by importing Asian auto parts to the states and selling them to customers like Tim Westwood and Xzibit, who then used them in their TV show “Pimp My Ride”.

    Years later Koon went on to making merchandise for The Diplomats, Jay Z and Jeezy and became the exclusive manufacturer of headwear for Rocawear, Honda and Costco. In 2008, the New York-born Koon bought Jay-Z’s brand 8732.

    Finally, he left the States and moved to Italy. Focusing on the luxury industry he partnered with an Italian designer to launch Domenico Vacca Denim. The multi-talent is also running the concept store “Private Stock” which is located at Andy Warhol’s former studio.

    More info about Jon Koon: Amuse.

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