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    Perfect Design and Function: The Sunglasses Collection from Porsche Design

    23. July 2020

    “Look, a Porsche!” Nowhere would such a phrase be more fitting than with the new eyewear collection from Porsche Design. Because even if Porsche Design is an independent company, you are still closely connected to the automotive sister brand. Of course, Porsche Design knows that a big name is also an obligation.

    Basically, the question is not whether you need sunglasses but rather what type of sunglasses you need. Sure, it shouldn’t just be sunglasses. Firstly, effective UV protection in the glasses is essential so that your eyes are not damaged. In addition, not every pair of sunglasses fits every face. With this in mind, Porsche Design not only presents a model of glasses, but an entire eyewear collection that is ready for summer 2020.

    The sunglasses from Porsche Design are always more than an accessory to a sports car “made in Zuffenhausen”. Nevertheless, the two fit together perfectly.

    P’8685 – hexagon

    The design of this model is reminiscent of classic aviator glasses, but the developers have mainly oriented themselves to the engine block of a Porsche. The front, milled from titanium, is held by eight hexagon screws, which gives the glasses a striking look. These glasses with their large, teardrop-shaped lenses fit perfectly with an oval or angular face shape and are limited to a number of 911 pieces.


    These sunglasses made of flexible spring steel could be offered under the motto “playful unobtrusiveness”. Because at first glance you see only two dark, almost oval glasses that reliably protect even sensitive eyes from the sun. A second glance reveals the curved frame, which discreetly steps into the background in front of the massive glasses. This makes your sporty-cool appearance perfect. Especially if you have a rather angular face shape.


    You probably cannot avoid thinking of John Lennon when you wear these sunglasses. The look with the almost round glasses was better suited to no face than to the legendary Beatles musician. Of course, Porsche Design is not trying to reinvent the wheel. But if these glasses met John Lennon’s taste, one would very much like to accept this praise. Whether the shape of your face is oval, angular or heart-shaped: with these glasses you are sure to make the right choice. No matter whether you want to spend your day on the beach or behind the wheel.


    Porsche doesn’t do things by halves with classics. This model, which was also designed with its large lenses based on the model of a pair of aviator glasses, shows precisely because of this with its different faces. Which glasses will you choose? Good thing you don’t have to answer this question. Because already in 1978 Porsche Design established the iconic model with the interchangeable glass mechanism. Now the classic is back. It is thus possible to adapt the glasses to different lighting conditions in just a few steps. For an angular or oval face, it is perfect in every situation.


    Do you have an oval or angular face and do you like it extravagant? Then this could possibly be your new sunglasses. Because here Porsche Design gives priority to the frame made of polyamide, while the tinted glasses are almost in the background. The bulky, but actually feather-light frame makes the sunglasses a futuristic appearance, with which you are well equipped for a trip in the E-Cabrio. Or for the steampunk party.

    Which model will your future sunglasses be? Visit the Porsche Design online shop now or try the models on at the optician to make the right choice.

    Have a sunny day.

    Visit the Porsche Design Online Store 

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