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    Buying Your First Rolex: This Guide Shows You How To Do It Right

    25. November 2020

    There are some status symbols which are only visible on the second glance. If you drive a Porsche, there is no second glance. Everyone can see that you have attained a certain level. A Rolex is more subtle. Even a genuine chronograph from the Swiss luxury manufacturer is often mistaken by the untrained eye as plagiarism – or not perceived at all. But you don’t buy a Rolex for other people. You buy it for yourself, with the possible intention of passing it on to future generations.

    There are plenty of reasons to go into more detail before buying one of the most elegant timepieces known to man. Let’s just look at a few for now.

    The truth is, that in theory, almost everyone in this country could afford a Rolex. Anyone who earns an average income can shorten their summer vacation by a week and not have to put too much aside in order to afford a lower priced Rolex. Of course, this does not automatically mean that you understand the magic of the Rolex.

    Forget the idea of buying a Rolex for a minute. Imagine that you have plans to open a boutique that sells the most elegant watches in the world.
    You dive deep into the history of the Rolex brand, read articles in magazines, books, and browse the internet for every piece ever written. No other watch manufacturer has been published as much as Rolex.

    Why do you buy a Rolex? Be honest with yourself!

    You don’t buy a Rolex purely out of speculation or as a fashion accessory. Nor is it suitable for showing off: Some will think it’s a cheap Chinese copy, others will think it’s a criminal idea. You buy a Rolex because you develop a feeling for it.

    Which style suits you best?

    At this point, you should not only pay attention to your own taste, but also think about your lifestyle. Casinos around the world demand a different style than country clubs.

    A Rolex is not an impulse purchase.

    Sure, with a lot of luck, you might be able to get a real bargain at an eBay auction. But you should have the watch checked by an expert (who will certainly not do this for free) before placing a bid. It is much better to plan the purchase of a Rolex, maybe to coincide with an event. The birth of your child perhaps, a successful promotion, or the earnings of your first million.

    Can you really afford a Rolex right now?

    You wouldn’t think twice about making such a purchase if it meant living on bread and water for months afterwards. If there is a wiser investment somewhere else at the moment, then you might want to postpone the Rolex dream. You may not have to go on holiday, but maybe your car urgently needs new summer tires.

    Buy a Rolex only from a trusted dealer.

    There are countless plagiarisms on the market, many of which are excellently made. If you’re making a purchase in a small town in the middle of nowhere, it would be a good idea to have the Rolex tested by an expert.

    Which model should it be?

    You can buy a Rolex for just a few thousand dollars. However, many buyers are already opting for models that belong to the mid-range price. Rolex’s most expensive products are usually strictly limited, made of the finest metals and are therefore worn very little.

    For sports and leisure, you could choose models like Submariner, Daytona, GMT Master II Explorer, or Explorer II. Prices start at around 5,000 euros.
    Prices start at around 5,000 euros.

    The Rolex Daytona

    © Rolex

    The Rolex Explorer

    © Rolex

    The Rolex Explorer II

    © Rolex

    The Rolex GMT Master II

    © Rolex

    The Rolex Submariner

    © Rolex

    In the luxury and business sector, the price often gets a little more expensive.
    You can get a Rolex Air King for as little as €6,200 but for Day-Date II, you’ll have to pay just under €35,000.

    The Rolex Day Date

    © Rolex

    The Rolex AirKing

    © Rolex

    Which one would you like?

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