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    Designer Alexander Laude moves to New York City

    12. June 2017
    © Alexander Laude FULLSCREEN

    Sneakers are no longer considered a sports shoes. For many, they have become an indispensable fashion piece in the wardrobe.

    Already since 2015, german-based designer Alexander Laude shows us with his own collection, how he interprets the original sports article: his premium sneakers are a clear fashion statement. The casually luxurious models stand for a uniquely clean style, for the highest quality and a fair price. The young label captures the spirit of thtimes: away from cheaply produced bulk goods – towards to craftsmanship with a claim to aesthetic design and perfection.

    The clear cut lines lend the classic clean look and turn the shoes into true all-rounder. The golden Alexander Laude Button as well as the gold-embossed label lettering on the shoes are both eye-catchers and mark-markers at the same time. The sneakers stand out from the crowd thanks to these elegant details. The special color selection makes the shoes a stylish basic part or the highlight of a outfit. Some of the designs are produced in limited quantities.

    In the meantime, the collection has expanded considerably in terms of models and colors. In addition to the already known Hightop models, numerous other variants are available for both women and men. Above all, the “White Low” model enjoys the highest popularity and is currently sold out. The demand is, however, so high that customers like to accept up to 8 weeks of waiting time. You can find the entire collection in the Alexander Laude Online Shop

    Back to the origins of the sneaker: New York City

    Whether on the catwalk, the red carpet or in the office: sneakers can now be worn everywhere. Men wear them with a suit. Women with a evening dress. It all began in the 1970s in the streets of New York’s Bronx district, when the hip-hop scene discovered the cozy treads and turned it into a global fashion shoe. The children of this time have now risen to power positions in the fashion sector and have taken the sport shoe with them. Today, the fashionable shoe is a must.

    So far, Alexander Laude designed his high-quality sneakers predominantly in Germany. Since the start of his first sneaker collection in the spring of 2015, however, he had received much attention in the industry, not only from Germany, but also from the USA, the UK and Asia. In the year 2017 he finally took the step over the atlantic and lives and works since then in New York.

    The high-quality materials, such as full-grain calfskin and the finest suede, still come from Italy and are produced in Portugal the with a lot of precision and craftsmanship.


    Alexander Laudes’ s modern interpretation of the classic sneaker is a perfect mix of unruffled look, trendy colors and luxurious accents.

    The shoes are available in his own Online-Shop as well as in some selected stores in Germany and the USA.

    Visit Alexander Laude’s Onlineshop:


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