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    Lexus Presents Real Hoverboard x Back To The Future Is Now

    24. June 2015

    Lexus’ latest video from the series “Amazing in Motion” presents something many people have been waiting for sine the movie “Back to the Future”. Earlier this year we reported on a not so real hoverboard by Doc Brown and Tony Hawk. But now Lexus introduces a version that actually is hovering. 18 months of development were needed to create the board which mainly consists of carbon fibre and wood and is a real eye-catcher. The hoverboard uses liquid nitrogen-cooled superconductors and permanent magnets (therefore the foggy mist) that should be able to support the weight of a person. Lexus has announced more videos in the near future, in which the hoverboard is to be further tested. We are excited.

    More infos: Lexus x Hoverboard


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